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Sun in Scorpio AstroMovement & Meditation Class

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

On October 23rd the sun moves from Libra into the Pluto ruled sign of Scorpio. Scorpio's watery depths can prove to be tricky terrain for those whose feet are more comfortable on solid earth and especially those who resonate with the warmth of fire, or the expansive air.

Scorpio is ruled by hot-tempered Mars and Cold slow-moving Pluto making it energy not to be crossed. This energy at its highest vibration is transmutation at its finest, the heightened intensity makes for new levels of creativity, understanding, and intimacy. In its lowest vibration, we can fall into manipulative, deceitful, vengeful, and predatory energies, making it difficult to trust and to connect.

We will navigate these energies together to assure that we stay in the higher vibrations and avoid or at least knowingly engage with the season's pitfalls.

AstroMovement is a fantastic way to get to know Astrology and the effects of these planetary shifts on the body, mind, and spirit.

Join BodyMagick for an AstroMovement stretch practice dedicated to understanding the Sun aspects of Scorpio energies in our tissues. The practice is 1.5 hours long and will include an energy check-in, for those attending live a card will be pulled to personalize your experience, a movement practice and as always guided energy healing, relaxation, and meditation to take you through the themes of Scorpio.

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We look forward to practicing with you!

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