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New Moon in Libra October 2020 Movement & Meditation

Libra values balance in all things. Ruled by Venus, Libra appreciates beauty and love and is represented by the scales indicating a need for balance. Because Libra is typically indecisive this new moon is digging into the shadows and asking us to set clear and decisive intentions.

What have you desired but have been too scared to ask for? Is there something you have dreamed of but have cut yourself off from for the sake of realism or because you feel unworthy?

Libra New Moon brings with it a time to reflect on balance in partnerships and relationships within yourself and others. We will prepare ourselves for setting strong and clear intentions, what we are working towards in our relationships and partnerships?

What to Expect?

Our New Moon practice will check in with our dualistic nature with and bring us to centre the lower back, glutes, and hips. Our practice will be gentle and restorative, using long holds and props to make the body comfortable and relaxed.

Guided relaxation helps you release tension from the body to become more receptive.

Guided Energy Healing helps you to visualize and move energy through the body.

Guided Meditation will help to weave the themes of this moon and the opening of the body to integrate the experiences into your everyday life.

What you need to practice:

Comfortable clothes with room for stretching

Bolsters or Pilllows


Block or Stack of books


Quiet Space

***This practice will be recorded if you cannot make it to the live event a video will be sent to you after class.

Join us this Friday at 7pm EST on ZOOM . Click on the photo above to book your spot!