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High Solar Movement Practice with BodyMagick

Now available free on our YouTube Channel along with other practices.

High Solar is the most active of the BodyMagick offerings and is traditionally practiced midday. Our classes incorporate cyclical flows with strength-based postures to reach our highest potential. Movements are coupled with mindful instruction and guidance to keep you present in your body. Cool-down mirrors the intensity of the practice with guided energy healing to distribute solar energy throughout the body. This practice is ideal for teaching those who struggle with poor impulse control, temper, or a propensity for fidgeting to learn how to transmute those energies and make them useful. High Solar is also an effective practice for those who suffer from lethargy, depression, and hyper-mobility to learn how to fortify and energize themselves. This is an active, energizing practice, be sure to drink lots of water and eat healthy proteins no more than 30mins after you are done.


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Image by Joel Filipe