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Feast of the First of November 

Why the Feast of the First of November? The Feast of the First of November is from Irish mythology and tells the story of the division of the world of humans from the world of faery or magick. This feast is a pivotal time when the Tuatha De Danaan are driven underground into the mounds and into the world behind our world. We will take a look at why this story is so significant to the way we look at the world. Then through a journalling journey we will explore the themes of this story for the purposes of introspection and discovering what is hidden in our subconscious. What is Samhain?

Samhain was originally celebrated as the last of the Celtic Harvest Festivals. A 3 day period from October 31st to November 2nd that exists outside of known time and space. Samhain marks both the end of the Celtic Lunar calendar and the beginning of the new Lunar year almost like a mini-month of its own. Between time and space the world of magick & material, conscious & unconscious, living & dead become one making it a potent time to realign ourselves for the coming winter.

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The Event

Join us in celebration of this unique event for movement, meditation, guided journal work, guided energy healing, seminar, community & discussion. Below you will find a brief schedule and synopsis of events.  Friday October 30th OPENING CIRCLE & MIDNIGHT SUN  at 11:30pm with Elizabeth  We cross the Threshold together in a movement and meditation practice to prepare the body for transition into the deep liminal space of Samhain. Movement will reflect the absence of the sun with deep and strong primal postures and breath, Meditation will honour the sun's illumination of the moon and will include guided energy healing to discover these energies in ourselves. No previous experience is necessary.

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Saturday October 31st Our Midnight Sun & opening circle practice ends at 12:30am EST. Have a good night's sleep!

We encourage you to spend your day honouring your ancestors, guides, and following the work that comes to you intuitively. Some suggestions, questions for reflection and other information will be sent out via e-mail to help support you in this work. **There is an optional TAURUS FULL MOON practice at 7pm to understand and work through the earthy magnetism of the moon. A coupon code will be sent to Samhain participants upon booking for $10off this Full Moon practice.

Sunday November 1st


at 2pm with Elizabeth

A deep dive into Celtic mythology and the self: what it means to embrace the concept of 3 days outside of time and space, and a journey-style journaling & visualization exercise to help you integrate these concepts. You will need a journal and a quiet space for this exercise. People find this style of journey work extremely helpful and eye-opening!

TEA & TALK Map-Making in the Middle World

at 3:30pm with Ilyra & Elizabeth

A discussion style workshop on practical ways to incorporate the Otherworld and your journey work into everyday experiences. We will share a concept we call "map-making" to demonstrate how a simple walk through the woods can and will mirror the exploration of your mind and thus, the Otherworld. We will cover things like dream work, outdoor altars, communion & stewardship of the land and more. These are things that everyone can do to help take their practice from theory to lived experience.

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We will close the circle together on Sunday, answer any final questions, and say our goodbyes!

***The event will be recorded. It is important that all participants practice MIDNIGHT SUN and view the opening circle before participating in subsequent events.

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