As the sun begins to set we move into a solar practice that awakens the core, lights our inner fire and offers a boost of energy to last us until bedtime. Cool down is longer in this Solar offering and the postures favour those that combine fire with stretch. Longer holds give us the fire with less active movements than the earlier practices.



Lunar Shine is practiced at any time during the day and is the only Lunar class that uses many standing stretch & balance posture. Clarify the mind, body, and spirit with mindful guidance and moving meditation.


Revive and renew the emotional body, confronting postures are held at your edge to strengthen our relationship with our inner world.


Restorative and gentle, Lunar Sleep focuses on guided energy healing, relaxation, and meditation. Get comfy and let time and space do the work for you.


Rise and Reset with a practice dedicated to the cultivation of our inner sun. An active energetic flow, Sunrise Solar explores strength & balance postures to increase confidence, energy and resilience in the body mind an spirit. Sunrise fortifies you for whatever the day brings.  We begin in meditation, warm up and then dive into the action staying mindful of our Solar Plexus and centre and learn how to distribute intense energies and emotions in the body. 
This class is an excellent option for those who are looking to build strength and cultivate discipline in their lives.


High Solar is the most active of the BodyMagick offerings and is traditionally practiced midday. Our classes incorporate cyclical flows with strength based postures to reach our highest potential. Movements are coupled with mindful instruction and guidance to keep you present in your body. Cool-down mirrors the intensity of the practice with guided energy healing to distribute solar energy throughout the body. This practice is ideal for teaching those who struggle with poor impulse control, temper, or a propensity for fidgeting to learn how to transmute those energies and make them useful. High Solar is also an effective practice for those who suffer from lethargy, depression, and hyper-mobility to learn how to fortify and energize themselves.