Honouring the Magick & Mystery of the Body, Mind, & Spirit

with Movement, Guided Energy Healing, Relaxation & Meditation


BodyMagick is an organic harmonization of yoga based movements, energy healing & transmutation, guided meditation, relaxation & journey. We believe that movement and body work is an integral part of any metaphysical, esoteric, or spiritual practice. BodyMagick is especially helpful for empaths, highly sensitive folks and those who suspect they have healing and extrasensory abilities.

Our classes are offered in two main categories: Solar & Lunar. We take into consideration the time of day we practice, and how the sun and moon alignment plays off of our energy. Solar follows and harnesses the energy of the sun, while Lunar is reflective of the moon. Each practice is driven by our energetic alignment to the elements and to principles of shadow-work & magick. 


Strength & Healing

Modern Dance Teacher

Pre-Recorded Movement & Meditation Series